Beam Request

Initiating a Beam Request 

Submitting a Beam Request form (below) starts the process, and is a required first step for all users. The Beam Request enables the researcher to provide estimates of shifts needed, approximate dates, beams, energies, and sources of funding. This information is needed to conduct an initial safety review and identify a suitable location on the schedule for your experiment.

Determining Priority 

There are three primary types of users:

DOE and IA researchers have top priority, and account for approximately 95% of our annual beam time. The funding policy for Interagency Agreements can be found here.

The remaining 5%, primarily SPP, are reviewed for merit by a local advisory committee, and those which are approved are conducted as time becomes available on a cost-recovery, per-hour basis.

Important Notes for SPP (Recharge) Users

1.) Even if the schedule appears full, there are often openings available due to cancellations. If you need time and can't find any, email our Research Coordinator, Mike Johnson, at to see what options are available.

2.) You pay for time scheduled, rather than time used. You will not be charged for any cyclotron failure time. If we do have failure time, we will try to extend your run to compensate for time lost if there is open time on the schedule to do so. Please plan your runs and travel arrangements accordingly.

3.) The minimum time that can be booked is 8 hours. Cancellations within 30 days of the run start date will be charged the full cost of the reserved beam time.

4.) SPP users must have funds in an LBNL account (sufficient to cover the proposed beam time) to be placed on the schedule and have their beam time formally "reserved".

Important Note for BASE Facility Users Regarding Post-Run Radiological Surveys

All parts and samples exposed to the beam or potentially activated must be surveyed and released by the Lab's Radiation Protection Group before they can leave the 88-Inch Cyclotron. This survey typically takes two weeks to complete after the completion of the run. Released materials can be shipped back to users, at the user's expense, or picked up from the 88-Inch Cyclotron. Alternatively, parts and samples can be sent as radioactive material shipment to users that have a valid license for receiving radioactive material.  We currently have very limited ability to expedite these surveys. If you think you will need an expedited survey, let us know in advance of your run AND provide justification. Please plan accordingly! 

Form Submission 

The Beam Request form (below) MUST be submitted in the body of an email and submitted to Do NOT send it as an attachment, or your request will not be processed by our automated system and will be lost. Drawings and additional information MAY be added as an attachment, but the Beam Request form must be in the body of the email. If you are submitting a request for a DOE-funded nuclear science proposal, an additional form is required that can be found here.


Beam Request Form


Principal Investigator Name:

(single point of contact)

Principal Investigator Organization:    

Principal Investigator Email:    

Principal Investigator Address:

Principal Investigator Office Phone:

Principal Investigator Cell Phone During Experiment:

Contract/Financial Point of Contact Name:

Contract/Financial Point of Contact Email:

Contract/Financial Point of Contact Telephone:

Funding Source (DOE, NSS, pay-per-hour, etc.):


Title or Type of Experiment/Proposal/Test:    

Abstract of Experiment/Proposal (attach to email or provide links to documents if desired):

Desired Start Date of Run:

Alternate Start Date of Run:

Location of Experiment, if known (i.e. Cave):

Total Tune + Run Hours Needed:    

Type of Beam Desired (cocktails, protons, or specify ion & mass):    

Special Request Ions (BASE cocktail beams only):

Desired Energy:

Desired Intensity/Flux:    

Target Material(s) and Thickness:

Will the run be conducted in air or vacuum?: 


Potential Safety Concerns:

Does this work have export control restrictions?:

Are all electrical/electronic equipment that will be used onsite electrically safe as determined by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory?:    

Will any of the power supplies being brought onsite be *capable* of exceeding a.) >100Vdc, b.) >1,000W Total Short Circuit Power, or c.) >50VAC?:

List the names of ALL personnel participating in the experiment: