AECR Ion Source

The AECR ion source is optimized for the production of high charge state ions. Built in 1990, it was upgraded in 1996 to further enhance its performance. 

Its maximum peak fields on axis are 1.7 and 1.1 Tesla at the injection and extraction regions, respectively. The maximum radial field at the inner surface of the aluminum plasma chamber is 0.85 Tesla. The aluminum plasma chamber is 30 cm in length, with an inner diameter of 7.6 cm.


Six radial slots and an external turbo pump give about 150 l/s pumping speed. The radial slots also provide easy oven access in the plasma chamber. The AECR-U plasma is driven by microwaves of two-frequency (14 and 10 GHz) launched through two of the three off-axis waveguides terminated at a bias plate in the injection region. The working gases are axially bled into the source through one of the off-axis waveguides.

The AECR-U has held many records for the ion charge states and beam intensities. One early example was a low intensity Uranium +64 beam, which was produced with the AECR-U ion source and accelerated by the 88-Inch Cyclotron to 2.06 GeV.